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Agribusiness Management Objective Questions and Answers for ICAR – NET

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Production & Operations Management

Operations Management includes all of these activities except Schedule work Secure financial resources Maintain Quality Manage inventories Ans. Secure financial resources Which of the following is not included in “5Ps” of Operations Management Product Plant Processes Price Ans. Price The major difference between goods and services is: It is difficult to inventory services Services lack […]

Accounting Control and Financial Management

Working capital ratio is otherwise called as Liquidity Ratio Quick Ratio Current Ratio Acid test ratio Ans. Current Ratio Items given on the debit side of the trial balance are shown either in Debit side of the trading account Debit side of the profit and loss account Assets side of the balance sheet All of the […]

General Study in Agribusiness Management

Maximum limit of loan under micro-finance is 5 lakhs 10 lakhs 25 lakhs 50 lakhs Ans. 25 lakhs Under Agri-clinic & Agribusiness centre scheme, a group of individuals is entitled to financial assistance in the form of loan upto 5 lakhs 10 lakhs 20 lakhs 50 lakhs Ans. 50 lakhs Under Agri-clinic & Agribusiness centre scheme, […]

Principal of Management, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management & Strategic Management

A predisposition to behave in a certain way and to take particular point of view Motivation Behaviour Perception Attitude Ans. Attitude Screening of those elements which create conflict and threatening situation in people is called as Response silence Resonse disposition Perceptual defence Maintenance of cognitive consistency Ans. Perceptual defence Set of predispositions which are determined […]